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Are you looking for hair stations for your beauty salon shop? Before opening a hair salon shop, we should use upscale barber stations for work. It will also highlight your shop theme and attract target clients. Whenever you plan to open a barbershop, this hair salon design may help you well.

Description of barbershop furniture

As we can see in the design, this barbershop includes a wall cabinet, a wall-mounted mirror with a counter, a sofa, and shampoo chairs. The main tone is gray wooden finishes, which look very high-end. Lighting decoration is very important for a beauty salon shop, which enhances the ambiance of the store and gives a homely feel.

hair shopWall-mounted stations

Wall-mounted stations play a big role in hair salon shop, it makes full use of the space and can work well. There is a long mirror attached to the wall, that allows 3-4 hairstylists to work together. Floating cabinets attach below, which are convenient to place hair cutting and stools. While another wall has an individual wall-mounted mirror with chairs.

hair styling station Wall cabinets

We can see the wall cabinets set on the back wall, it is mainly used to place items for sale. So that clients can view them and select them when leaving. Each shelving has a light lamp to highlight products. While the bottom cabinets have adjustable shelving, you can place more items inside.

Don’t forget the reception desk and brand imagine wall. It helps people to remember your business service and to promote the company theme. If you have any new ideas, please contact us. We can add them to your hair salon decoration. Thank you

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