Special Barbershop Decoration Hair Salon Station with Mirror

hair salon shopHair salon shops are everywhere in the street. Attractive barbershop attracts poeple and can also make poeple remember your shop theme well. The beauty salon shop furniture includes a mirror station, reception desk, waiting area and shampoo chair, etc. No matter how much shop size you rent, you can purchase suitable salon furniture to start a business.

Salon shop decoration

This salon shop is small but includes a working area, reception area, promotion area, and waiting area. Let’s view the details together.

mirror stationHair station with mirror

This shop has 2 mirrors with lights attached to the wall. If it has enough space, adding stations with a double-sided mirror is a good choice.

Setting area

The back wall has chairs and a sofa, people can sit down here for a rest. Or even wait while others do hair styling. There is a large poster showing a ghost poster, which creates an unusual store atmosphere, making customers feel fresh and visually striking.

barber shop furnitureShampoo chair

The shampoo chair is set near the entrance door. The room divider in the middle mainly separates the waiting area. Not only can make full use of space, but also can add decoration.

Business logo

The business logo attaches to the wall, every client can notice it and remember you well. It can also enhance your company theme. Besides, you can also add a brand name screen to the shopfront.

If you have a new idea about hair salon shop decoration, just contact us. We have a professional design team to do salon store design for you.

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