Wooden and White Mobile Phone Display Counter with White Light


Display your phones in style with this wooden and white counter, complete with white light to highlight products.


Showcase your mobile phones in style with this wooden and white display counter, complete with bright white light to highlight your products. The sleek design will complement any store or showroom, while the ample space allows for multiple phones to be displayed. The counter is made from high-quality materials and built to last, ensuring your products will always be showcased beautifully.

A phone counter is an ideal piece of furniture for showcasing laptops and cell phones in a retail or showroom environment. The counter uses high-quality wood veneer and features a beautiful white decorative finish. It enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the product. The top surface of the counter is spacious and can easily accommodate various products. That allows customers to view and experience them. It’s a customized mobile shop counter, we provide sizes ranging from 1 meter to 2.4 meters long. So you can choose a size suitable for your location.

To enhance the overall ambiance of the showroom, the phone counter features a white light lamp line on the front. This feature provides a bright and inviting glow that attracts customers to the counter. The counter’s backside features lock cabinets that provide secure storage space for valuable products.


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