Wood Surface Reception Counter Front Welcome Table


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Wood Surface Reception Counter Front Welcome Table

reception deskAre you looking for a good reception counter to start a business? The reception desk is where customers get to know your business. It is usually set up in front of the company and every visitor will be received so that they will feel respected. Today, I want to share a nice reception counter with you.

Wood reception counter introduction

The reception area includes a reception counter, brand logo wall, and even floor. The main color is solid wood, high-level your company, and store. We use plywood to build the reception counter. The surface material is wood veneer or laminate. The marble stone can make the reception counter table, highlight the reception area.

service counterReception counter

The reception counter size is 3m by 0.5m. We can see it has a wood strips decoration on both sides, they are arranged staggered, which makes the counter more design and can use it as the display area. We can also attach a brand logo at the front counter. So that clients can have a good and deep impression on you. It’s also for employees to work here.

As you need storage cabinets, we can add them behind the counter. Or can add individual cabinets or counter for usage. We can even customize the reception counter based on your needs.

service counterBrand logo wall

Behind it is a large brand logo wall, we can set a brand sign in the middle and a slogan on it. The back wall is high matches the reception counter and flooring. We can also choose other colors and materials to build if you need them.

No matter when you need the reception counter, you can get it here. If you have a favorite style, we will build a similar reception counter for you.


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