Delicate Jewelry Display Table with Stainless Steel Frame & LED Lights – 1200x500x950mm


Showcase your jewelry collection in style with the Delicate Jewelry Display Table. This table features a stainless steel frame, LED lights, and ample space for your jewelry pieces.


The Delicate Jewelry Display Table is the perfect showcase for your precious jewelry collection. With a sleek stainless steel frame and LED lights, this table provides a stunning display for your jewelry pieces. The dimensions of 1200*500*950mm ensure that you have ample space to showcase your items while maintaining a compact and stylish design. The LED lights enhance the brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry, making it even more enticing to potential customers. This display table is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to any retail setting. It is a must-have for jewelry stores, boutiques, and exhibitions.

No matter what type or size of jewelry display table you require, our service is here to cater to all your ideas and requirements. We specialize in customization to ensure your needs are met.


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