Customized Luminous Cell Phone Display Counter for Popular Mobile Shop Showcase


Display your popular mobile phones with this customized fitting showcase. Made from high-quality materials, it comes with LED lighting and various compartments for effective display.


The cell phone display counter is a customized showcase for mobile shops to display their popular mobile phones. This fitting showcase is made from high-quality materials and comes with various compartments for displaying phones. The display counter also features LED lighting to attract customers and make the phones stand out. The design is stylish and modern, making it a perfect fit for any mobile shop. The Cell Phone Display Counter is an effective way to showcase your products and increase sales.

  • LED lights
  • Tempered glass top
  • Metal structure
  • Color/ Size can be customized

Wooden display counters are popular because of their classic and timeless look. They provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that can attract customers to your store. The top of the counter uses tempered glass, which can better protect the mobile phone products you display. The bottom half is a metal frame with a variety of LED lights inside to elevate your display to a higher level.


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