Creative modern office reception desk design with baking painting finish


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Are you looking for a unique design office reception counter?  Unique Kiosk custom design and manufacture all types of reception furniture for sale. Whether you need a reception desk, reception sofa or back logo wall. you will find the best design here.   What’s more, the price we offer you will be the most competitive in the interest. Because we are a direct manufacturer, So, we save the cost for resellers and to guarantee our clients get the best work with the best price.

Creative modern office reception desk design

Today sharing the Model RCD-1027  is a unique model by a designer from our company. This is quite a modern design reception desk which is the bestseller in 2019. In the past 10 months, we have sold over 78 pieces of this design all over the world. You can use this reception design in a high-level office and warm salon.

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We are using fire-resistant plywood to build the structure of the desk, on top of which we are applying 3mm MDF. As we know MDF has a comparatively smooth surface, So, the baking painting after it will look more beautiful and mirrorable.  If you are looking for better material and effect than painting. Stone will be a great option.

Typically, Corian stone will be the most popular choice. But we all know that the Corian reception counter cost will be very high. Thus, Here in Unique Kiosk, we have an alternative option for you. High quality Chinese manmade stone can achieve the same effect as Corian but only half the cost.

If you are looking for the best design and best quality office reception desk. Salon reception counter, Hotel reception counter. Welcome to Unique Kiosk, We have over 100+ popular design and concepts. If you have a custom ideas, we can also help you build it. For example, if you need a bottle shape bar counter or book style reception. Our designer will give you a surprise. Contact our team now for the lasted design and cost.

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MDF, Plywood


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