Wooden style bakery bread kiosk for roasted french baguette

Open a bread kiosk or bakery kiosk in a shopping mall, you will never need to worry about customers.  After all, no one can live without food. Bread is a portion of delicious and easy food that everyone likes. So, if you want to start a fast food business in the shopping mall. Open a bakery kiosk will be a nice idea. To start your bread retail business in the shopping mall, you will need a professional kiosk design.

The bread kiosk in the mall is a small bread shop where you can do a retail service. Here below is a nice wooden texture look french bread kiosks concept. If you need a custom kiosk concept for your business. Please contact our sales team to get more details and ideas.

Bread food kiosk design

This is a wooden style bread kiosk and the size is about 8x8ft. We can customize the size for you as you like. The material for this bread kiosk is plywood with wooden color laminate. Or we can use solid wood for the wooden color. We leave the space for the bread display fridges. So if you have the equipment list, please send it to us. Then our design team will leave the exact space for you.


About Unique Kiosk

We specialized in making a handcrafted display booth. We handle the whole procedure, from working through your financial plan to building up the bread food kiosk, to assembling the unit. On the off chance that you need a brilliant, customized mall kiosk, we are the best company for you.

Specialized, compositional, and mechanical designing aptitudes are fundamental to handcrafting a food kiosk. However, you likewise need developers who can utilize visual communication to give the piece a creative style. An alluring mall kiosk makes your business emerge, and we are the right company to accomplish only that. Get in touch with us today to begin!

Customize the bread kiosk design

We are a professional customize kiosk factory located in Shenzhen, China. And we have our own design team and workshop. When you contact us, our sales team will follow with you from the design to delivery. For the customize 3d shopping mall bread food kiosk design, we usually charge 300 USD design deposit. But this 300 USD design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order the food bread kiosk for the shopping mall.

We will make the 3d design all customize with your requirement. And we can discuss the design together for the layout and design then we can make some changes for you. After we finalize the final 3d design, we will make the construction drawing for you to send to the shopping mall for approval.

The production time for this bread kiosk 8x8ft is about 22-25 working days. If you need it very urgent, we can also help you to do it fast. We will line your order first if you can confirm the order very soon. Before we start the production, we will send the 3d design of the bread kiosk, the construction drawing of the bread kiosk, and all the details of the bread kiosk to you. During the production of the food bread kiosk, we will send the pictures and videos of you to confirm.

Shipping service of the bread kiosk

Just get back to us with the data of the stockroom, or shopping center, or personal residence. And we can conveyance the products to you. We can deliver the bread mall food booth to the nearest destination port from you. Meanwhile, if you want the door to door service, we can also offer you.

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