luxury cake/bread kiosk food Stand used indoor and outdoor for sale

Hello everyone, Are you looking for a cake/break kiosk for your business? Now more and more people want to do small business or open a  store which belongs to them. Base on this ideas ,some of them want to order a cake/bread kiosk. Why do they choose to sell cake/ bread, I think it is a successful road to entrepreneurship. And I summarized the following reasons.


about cake/bread kiosk

First, modern people like to eat bread as their breakfast. It is a perfect and classic match: bread with a cup of is nutritious and brings energy protein for the needs of the whole day we need. so the bread will preferred by most of people. secondly, most of the office worker gets up late in the morning, and they often have no time to make breakfast. or on the morning of weekend days,  they are lazy to make breakfast. In this case, they choose buy the bread as their breakfast for convenience. thirdly, more and more people like to open the birthday party to celebrate. the cake is a kind of sweet food which must not be lack, not only a birthday party we need the cakes, but also the company annual meeting, wedding anniversary etc. so please join in the business for selling cake/bread.

Recently we make a new cake/ break kiosk for your reference, it is beauty and high-end luxury design,it is attracted by people who want to stat the dessert food business, now let us view more details about this.    

 cake/bread kiosk    

Materials for this cake/bread  kiosk

Basic material: MDF /plywood /artificial stone on the surface of the counter. layout:  this cake/break kiosk it is suitable for outdoor or indoor as it has roof. the led logo is on the  directly above side,  it let us  see the menu at a glance. we can even place a refrigerator inside as space is enough. we can prepare milk juice, so we sell the cake/bread to come along with the beverages. including Stainless steel, acrylic logo, hardware, led light, etc.  

contact information

Contact person: Eva

whatsapp:+86 13410688780


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