2X2M Small size mini smoothies bar bread kiosk design

If you have a small budget but want to start a food business, we suggest you can make a small size food kiosk. A small size food kiosk can for one or two staff to work. This is a 2x2m small size mini smoothies bar bread kiosk design for you to have a reference.

Let us introduce the details of this 2x2m small size mini smoothies bar bread kiosk design to you. The details of this small size bread kiosk include the size, material, layout and design.



The size of this bread kiosk is 2x2m. In the front side is a cashier area and middle is a bread display showcase. On the back side has a single water sink and on the countertop you can put the equipment machine as you like.

The wall on the back side has some wooden display shelves can put something. The right side is a small size bar counter can for the customer to have some food here. On the top hanging a logo panel and some lights.


The material of this small size bread kiosk will use plywood, and the surface finish is metal plate with baking paint. For the material of the countertop, we can use black color quartz stone or man-made stone both okay. But black color countertop we suggest to use quartz stone.


You have the logo please send it to us and the equipment list is also important for us to make the design. Our design team can make a new 3d bread kiosk design for you. We will make the layout and make it with any color and size according to your need.

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