Beautiful food kiosk design bread and cake booth customize factory

How can you attract more customers to come to your shop? Not only need to make delicious food, but a beautiful food kiosk design is also an important factor. To attract the customer’s eye is the first thing we need to do.

Today we want to share a beautiful food kiosk design bread and cake booth with you. If you are looking for an attractive food kiosk to start your food business, I think this design is a good choice for you.



This is a close-type food kiosk with pink color and solid wood strip. It has a beautiful area with the flower and a lighted logo for the customer to take photos. On the top of this food bread coffee kiosk has a big lighted logo written ” Delicious Deli Manjoo”. This is the brand name of this food kiosk.



Material – The material of this beautiful food kiosk will use plywood with laminate, solid wood and tempered glass. The countertop of the food kiosk will use man-made stone or quartz stone. It has a color sample for you to choose your favorite stone material.

Logo – We do not provide a logo design service. Please send us your logo so that we can put it on the food kiosk design.

Size & color – The size of the food kiosk is according to your location so please check with the mall management or landlord. And the color you can choose whatever you want.

The inside layout of the food kiosk is for the equipment machine. You can send us the equipment list if you have it. Our designer will put the equipment machine on the 3d food kiosk design. Then we can see how to arrange their place of them and leave the space for them in advance.

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