mall bread display kiosk for Breddy bread brand

This is a mall bread display kiosk with bread display machine , cash counter and  cash register ,  sink and working counter .

You can see the many more porters and menus , logo in this design .

Did you know how is ” BREDDY ” ?

Breddy is a brand of bread and bread products created by the Breddy company, popular in Costa Rica.

The cold cake display showcase in the front of kiosk , and also ,you can putting popsicle or ice cream at this space.

The logo of  BREDDY  in front on the ceiling .

Why do you make a design ?

Our design team has provided solutions for many overseas customers. We apply our sense, skills of coffee kiosk design and observation of each detail to every stage of our design process, ensuring the result is both functional and aesthetic.

Designing a kiosk identity is a sustainable visual system. To make a brand awareness out-standing in segment market as well as approaching target audience.

Please contact us to get more design , there are many bread display kiosk design  can to meet your needs.

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