Brown Solid Wood Donut Kiosk with Glass Shelves to Miami

Are you looking for a donut kiosk to start a business? Solid wood surface decoration becomes popular for food kiosks. As a natural wood, it is safe, non-toxic, and non-polluting. Which is very suitable for making food cabinets. A wood bread kiosk is especially popular in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This food kiosk is mainly used to show donuts, bread, chocolate, cupcake, etc. Let’s learn more about this solid wood donut kiosk now.

Description of the donut kiosk

Referring to this donut kiosk, the size is 4m by 3m. There are glass display cabinets on top, each has 4 layers to place more items for purchase. The rectangle counter and square counter suits the location. 

Layout decoration

From the picture, we can see the two long sides have 4-layer glass shelves on each side. In the middle is 2-layer glass shelves, a brand sign set in front facing the public. A water sink is set close to the entrance door. We can also set a brand logo on the cover, which is used to prevent water from splashing out.

The high panel catches my eyes’ attention when I see the design picture. nearly every mall kiosk has this stand. It is mainly used to place brand mane, posters, TV player, or menu, so people can see your business directly and know you better. Behind it is a working table with locked cabinets on the bottom, cashier register and machines also place here. If you want to put more machines, please find a good place to install them in advance.

Light Decoration of bread kiosk

A light lamp is a very important part of a donut kiosk. As it is bright the kiosk and guides clients to find you directly. Like this bread kiosk, each glass cabinet has a light lamp on the top ceiling. It shows the bread and donuts in a good way. The floor lamp is a beautiful landscape of this food kiosk. Not only for floor light, but light can also add under the counter. Where to place it is up to you.

Material introduction

Main material: Plywood, MDF

Surface material: Solid wood bar, laminate, or veneer

Kicking material: Stainless steel

Logo material: Lightbox logo, acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, hollow luminous logo, etc.

Glass: 8mm tempered glass or 10mm clear glass

We should choose the most suitable materials to build a donut kiosk. As different materials give different effects to the food kiosk. If you don’t know what material is better, please find a professional kiosk factory. They will give you good suggestions and even help you make attractive kiosk designs.

How to build a food kiosk?

  1. Confirm the food kiosk design. So we can know the same bread kiosk you need.
  2. Prepare materials according to each counter dimension.
  3. Cut the plank to size and assemble the wooden cabinet. This step needs about 7-12 days.
  4. Make surface treatment. Since this bread kiosk has a solid wood surface, so we can attach it to the food kiosk. This step also needs 7-12 days.
  5. Assembly glass door and hidden light lamp to the cabinets. This step needs about 3-5 days.
  6. Add the glass door and a locked cabinet door. This step needs about 2-3 working days. So you can see the real looks of the food kiosk

How to package the mall kiosk?

Many shop owners want to know how the goods are packed and delivered to the destination. We will pack the counters separately as planned. Before packing, we should turn on the light and test circuit to work well. Then covered them with a sponge, especially at the edges and corners to protect them. Next, wrap the film and put them in a wooden box. The gap between the wooden box and the cabinet is filled with foam to avoid movement. So when you receive the goods, just put them together and connect wires is enough, very easy to use.

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