Wooden grain and translucent stone wine bar kiosk to the UK

Are you looking for a wine bar kiosk? Wine is one of the essential beverages in the world. For example, British whiskey, Russian vodka, French red wine, and champagne are all world-famous wines. The Oktoberfest links beer with Germany, and the Czech Republic is the largest beer consumer in Europe. In some countries, wine has become a necessity for every meal except breakfast. Now, I want to introduce a wine bar kiosk to you. Let’s view more information together.

Introduction about wine bar counter

The wine bar counter is a place to sell wine and provide wine service. It has to be convenient to use and make people feel comfortable. There are seating chairs  surrounded the counter table, which allow people to chat with partners and meet with new friends.

This wine bar counter covers an are of 4m by 3m. Two cashier registers set in the middle of kiosk, one of them near the entrance. That allow people pay bills without waiting in line. Inside the kiosk is black working counter, which is easy to clean and high level your wine kiosk. On the counter top also has stone table, mainly used to place wine glasses for customers to take.

Under the countertop has locked cabinets and space for machines. You should tell us the machine size, so we can leave same dimension for them. In the kiosk center is a wooden wine shelves, you can put wine cup and show popular wines here as background.

Design pictures show

drink kiosk wine bar kiosk

Layout description:

As we can see in the picture, this wine bar counter mainly use solid wood surface decoration. The orange translucent stone under the black quartz stone makes the wine counter look more shiny. The cabinet shape decoration and thick skirting are also a major feature of the wine kiosk. Do you like this drink kiosk decoration please?

  • Name: Wooden wine bar counter with seats
  • Size: 4m*3m or other size fit your location
  • Color: Wood color, orange and black.
  • Style: Classic and retro and elegant
  • Design time: 3-5 business days after confirm design ideas
  • Production time: 20-22 work days from order
  • Main material: Plywood, solid wood, translucent stone, Quartz, stainless steel, light, hardware, etc.

How to get wine bar counter?

Before open a wine kiosk, we should first make business plan and decide what kind of wine kiosk do you need.

Design steps:

3D design is very necessary for a new business. Especially for entrepreneur, design drawing even help get mall approval soon. First, tell us your requirements about kisok decoration, including size, color, layout, mall rules, etc. Second, design the kiosk. Our professional design makes your ideas come true. Finally, check the wine bar counter and confirm you like it. If you need small changes, we can help you modify soon.

Production steps:

Before production, we will make a construction drawing to show the procedures. Production should follow on the drawing, so please check it carefully. We should also take pictures and videos to tell you the process.

Wooden body is the first production step, process will last 7-12 days. Except for raw materials, it is a guarantee of quality in craftsmanship.  Second step is make solid wood finish, which takes about 5-7 days. We can see kiosk colors from this step. The next step is add stone and hidden light. Finally step is assembly cabinet door and finish everything.

Shipping details:

When the wine kiosk finish, we should put them together and text everything work correct. Next step is to delivery, we can pack it and arrange shipping. The kiosk will divide into several parts for long distance shipping, shockproof cotton and corner protection are to prevent it from harm. Outside is wooden box package, so what you receive is wooden boxes with mark. If you need any further information, please feel free to send us an inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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