Modern Style Bar Counter Interior Store 3D Customize Design

Bars are places for people to relax in their leisure time. Each bar has its own unique place. The more distinctive the decoration style, the more guests can patronize. The bar is the core of a bar, so the design of the bar is the most important. 

There are various styles of bar counters. The common ones include linear bar counters, U-shaped bar counters, circular bar counters, and bar counters of other shapes designed by the operators according to their own preferences. Regardless of the shape and design of the bar, it should be placed where customers can easily find and reach. Since the bar counter is the core of the bar, you can see the position of the bar counter when you enter the bar, and it can be set up at the entrance or directly facing the door.

The description of the bar counter design

The bar counter of this bar shop design located in the entrance of the shop. It has a lighted logo on the storefront and another one on the wall. The main color of the shop is the dark blue color. And the shop style is modern and famous for young people.

Look at the inside of the shop from the outside, it has a long bar counter with some bar chairs. So that the customer can sit on the bar chair and order what they want. It is an open bar shop style. The bar counter designed at the entrance of the shop let the customers see the position of the bar for the first time when entering the bar, and feel the conspicuous position of the bar. Since the bar is the center of the entire bar, the main symbol of the bar, guests can quickly know where the drinks and services come from.


Let us go inside the shop. In the interior design, you can see the ceiling has some warm white ceiling light to light up the whole shop. For the design of the bar counter, it is blue baking paint with the Led strip light all around. For the countertop we can use black quartz stone or marble stone also good.

A marble stone is a natural stone and may have an uneven texture with cracks or small holes. Natural stone may radiate. Quartz stone is better in terms of appearance, hardness and heat resistance. If it is a bar or kitchen, quartz stone is basically used for countertops. In addition, marble may contain radiation, while quartz stone does not contain radiation. Marble is hard in texture, natural and artificial. Quartz is a natural stone.


The size of the bar counter

The length of the bar counter don’t have a fixed size. Because we are the customize factory so we can customize the size of the bar counter for you according to your shop size. Generally, the longest size of the bar counter that can effectively controlled by a service staff is 3 meters long. If it is too long, the number of service personnel will increase. The width we usually make within 600-800mm.

The height of the bar counter should be moderate. The height of the bar mentioned here refers to the height of the countertop from the ground, not the height of the entire bar. And the height of the bar counter is an important aspect. The height of the bar counter should be determined by the user’s height and usage habits. That is means we need to consider the height of the bar counter according to the staff and customer. Under normal circumstances, the height of the bar counter is about 110cm, which is more convenient to use.

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