Superior design for bar counter high-end restaurant decoration

High-end design must be able to capture the attention of customers, and high-end bar decoration design must be able to reflect the perfect bar atmosphere. So how to make the bar decoration design more perfect? And how can the best bar decoration design attract customers?

High-end bar decoration design should have its own characteristics. Such a bar decoration design can have its own soul. And it can become a decoration design that is different from other bars. Hope this post can give you some ideas about the bar counter design.

High-end bar counter design

Bar counter for restaurant

Attached the left 3d design for a high-end bar counter use for restaurant. It is a long counter with the size around 6m. The whole set will make it in 2 parts divided from the middle.

On the front of the bar counter is gold stainless steel surface with the warm white led strip light. The countertop material is stone.


Back wall display shelves for wine

On the back wall of the bar counter, it has the display shelves for the wine. The wine display shelves has the blue led strip light which is pretty beautiful.

On the bar counter of the restaurant, it has 2 computers for the checkout. So it can as the information desk also. Under the countertop, we can make some drawers or put some equipment.


High-end restaurant design

This restaurant is a high-end and romantic design. It has many seating area for the customer. And on the design, we can see a big display stand with the shelves for the wine. They use it to display many wine and it has a advertising TV on it.

High-end restaurant design cannot make the seating area too narrow. The environment need to let the customer feels comfortable and relax.


Customize restaurant design

This restaurant design we customize with the customer’s floor plan size. For the size of this restaurant, it is about 150 square meters, not a small size. We can make the customize restaurant design to you. Before we start to make the 3d design, please send us if you have some details. For example, the floor plan of the restaurant, the layout, the logo, the style of you want.

For the 3d customize restaurant design service, we will charge a design deposit. It is according to the restaurant size. Usually 500-1000$ and will deduct from the total cost when you order.


Restaurant furniture order process

After we receive the design deposit, we will send the restaurant 3d design to you within 5-7 working days. Then we can discuss about the restaurant design details. If need any change on the design, we will change for you. We will draw everything in the 3d design, such as, the bar counter, the table and chair of the seating area. And the interior design of the whole restaurant.

After we finalize the final 3d design of the restaurant, we will make the construction drawing for you. Before we start the production, we need to confirm all the details. For example, the size, the color, the material. Meanwhile, if you have any special requirement, please get back to us.


Get a quote from us

Our company has over ten years experience on the commercial furniture industry. Please feel free to contact us for a quote for the restaurant furniture. If you have your own design, please send it to us. Then we can quote you a very competitive price. For more details about the bar counter and furniture of the restaurant, please email us at Thanks a lot!

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