Industrial Style Beer Display Cabinet Retail Booth in the Supermarket

wine kioskThere are all kinds of wines in the markets. When it’s cold, wine can keep our bodies warm. Wines can also help us get rid of pressures and even make friends. It’s a good idea to purchase a beer display cabinet in the shop to increase sales.

Occasions for beer display cabinets

This beer display is good to use in the shopping center, supermarkets, food restaurants, and even the convenience store. You can set it in the middle of a store or close to the wall. We can place them in a suitable location and increase business.

beer standIntroduction of beer kiosk

As we can see in the design, this beer kiosk is industrial style with metal pipe decoration, vividly showing the production process of beer. There are different levels of display counter for beers and wines, which is good to purchase items and goods.

While the counter body has hollow-out luminous patterns. The brand sign and slogan can also add to the display kiosk. So that clients can remember the brand theme well.

beer cabinetMaterial information

Basic material: Plywood and metal

Surface material: Wood veneer and solid wood finishes. The metallic style of the metal matches the style of the cabinet. Highlight the quality and brand of wine.

Lighting decoration: The kiosk uses warm light to decorate the kiosk. Retro light is a good choice.

Business logo: The business logo is very important for the retail mall kiosk. You can choose stainless steel logo, acrylic logo, and even a Neon logo that fit your brand theme.

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