Solid Wood Counter Cake Stand with Cashier Table

display counter

A wood cake counter is a good place to show cupcakes, donuts, snacks, bread, and bagel. We can use it in the cake shop, supermarket and even install it in the shopping center for business. Today, I want to share a nice solid wood counter here. Hope it will give you more good ideas.

Solid wood counter design

This solid wood counter includes a display counter, shelves, storage cabinet, and cashier counter area. The main material is plywood with a solid wood surface. Size is customized according to the location. Such as 1.2m by 0.5m, 1.6m by 0.5m, etc.

cashier counterIntroduction of solid wood counter

This solid wood counter has a little high-level wall surrounds it. So that items can fulfill the counter table without full down. Cashircounter counter set in one end with menu, next to it is a coffee bean display stand. On the right hand is a coffee machine. Next to it are a counter display rack to show cakes for sale. We can also add a glass showcase here, which can protect the cakes and can also show the items well.

We can add a brand logo, poster, and light box in front of the counter. So that person can be attracted by the delicious food. New dishes and hot sale products can also appeal to clients to tase.

cake counter

Back view

Behind the counter are lock cabinets and drawers, which are mainly used as a storage area.

This kind of wood counter is good to set in the entrance of shop, service area. We can also use it along with wall cabinet and in front of brand image wall to give people a deep impression.

No matter how unique and style of the solid wood counter, you can choose it to the Unique Kiosk Ltd.

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