Bar introduction

In a bar space full of mystery and vitality. There is a unique wine bar. It is undoubtedly one of the central focal points of the whole place. In the decoration of this bar, wood strip decoration, vegetable walls, green plants and various lighting matches. Together with the bamboo at the top, it forms an intoxicating picture, showing a unique charm and atmosphere.

Bar details

When you enter the bar, the first thing you see is the bar, which is carefully made of wooden strips. These wood strips have been carefully polished and treated to show a natural texture and color. They line up to form a unique texture and pattern. The use of wood strips not only adds a simplicity and elegance to the bar, but also makes it complement the atmosphere of the whole bar. Under the irradiation of the light, the wood strip reflects the warm light, as if telling the story of the years.

The green vegetable wall behind the bar is another striking feature. This wall cabinet consists of countless broccoli flowers, which are cleverly arranged together to create a vibrant green landscape. This green vegetable not only adds a natural atmosphere to the bar, but also makes people feel the beauty and vitality of nature. Under the light, the vegetable wall cabinet gives off a charming shine. As if it is a fresh picture, people can not help but want to approach and appreciate.

Echoing the vegetable wall cabinet are thin bamboo placed around the bar. They are scattered on both sides of the wall cabinet, adding a fresh and natural atmosphere to the bar. The green leaves in the light of the light flashing green light, as if nature endowed the spirit, dancing in the bar space. They not only bring people visual enjoyment, but also let people feel the care and love of nature.

more details

The bamboo at the top of the bar is the finishing touch of the entire decoration. The bamboo has been carefully selected and treated to present a tall and elegant posture. The use of bamboo not only adds elegance and tranquility to the bar, but also integrates it with the atmosphere of the whole bar. Under the irradiation of the light, the bamboo reflects the primitive light, as if it is a treasure given by nature, so that people feel the mystery and beauty of nature.

The illumination of various lights adds a unique charm to the decoration of the bar. On the front of the bar and the wall cabinet, not only a luminous logo is installed, but also a variety of colored light strips are designed. They give off a soft glow and make the bar look like a dream. Around the bar, there are also some hidden lights, which shine at the bar from different angles, creating a mysterious and hazy atmosphere. The colors of the lights also vary, from warm yellow, romantic pink, mysterious blue, and so on. These lights interweave and fuse, forming a colorful light and shadow effect, making the atmosphere of the bar more intense and warm.


The wooden bar decoration, vegetable wall cabinet, green plants, bamboo and various kinds of lighting together constitute a beautiful picture. They complement each other and blend with each other, bringing people a visual feast. Do you like the bar design? If you like, please contact us and we will tailor it for you. Your inquiries are always welcome.

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