Classic Style Wine Cabinet Bar Counter with LED lights 3D Design

Luxurious classic bar design

With the increasingly fast pace of life in today’s society. The bar has become a space for people to communicate, talk, make friends, and release stress. Of course, the styles of bars are also different. The bar counter style has gradually become a culture.

In a general way, the consumer groups in bars are mostly white-collar workers. Their work pressure is very high and they need to be properly relieved in their lives. Therefore, the bar needs to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers. And at the same time reflect its own style and culture to customers. So that customers’ thoughts can be temporarily separated from the irritating work and life during rest and relaxation. Meanwhile, emotions are very important to life. If there is no fun and joy, excitement and passion. Life will become dull and incomplete. The environment plays a pivotal role in the subject’s psychology and behavior.

The environment can provide people with various sensory stimuli. Such as light, noise, color, and temperature. People can produce corresponding psychological responses to these stimuli. Only by grasping this psychological response and planning and designing the environment from the perspective of human psychology can we truly grasp the needs of people. The bar design should cater to people’s emotions. And create a suitable atmosphere for the bar by using various color and rhythm changes and various light and dark contrast techniques.

For the bar counter material, we will use MDF with baking paint as the basic material. We will install the LED lights to make the bar counter to look more attractive. Usually, for the bar design, we will use dark color not light color to make a relax envirnment.





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