Wood Grain Bubble Tea Kiosk & Fresh Juice Stall for Sale

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Are you looking for a bubble tea kiosk? It’s a profit idea to open a bubble tea kiosk in the mall. Many people prefer to drink bubble tea when meeting with their friends or during shopping. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk with you.

Bubble tea kiosk

The bubble tea kiosk includes a work table, topping bar counter, cashier counter, brand image wall, and seating table. We use Plywood to build the bubble tea kiosk body, surface material use solid wood bar decoration and laminate. Other materials include glass panels, stainless steel, and light lamp and hardware.

Topping bar counter

The topping bar counter is set on the front side. Clients can choose directly when ordering. Because the POS is near it for checking bills. Two sides high stand for posters and menu.

bubble tea kiosk

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Work counter

The backside is a work counter to prepare bubble tea and juice. There is a hot water tank place on a table rack. Under it is a blender or other equipment. The bottom is a locked cabinet for storage. Behind the wall has lightbox painting and brand logo. near it is a door to enter into the bubble tea kiosk.

Seating table

The seating table is set on the left side of the bubble tea kiosk. Outside has an extended board to sit down, while inside the kiosk is a work counter. In the middle has a glass or acrylic panel to separate the two parts.

We add close cabinets and drawers to restore raw materials and food. When you need under-counter equipment, we will also leave space for them


The whole bubble tea kiosk has 3D illuminated logos, flooring lights, under counter lights to attracts people. It also makes your bubble tea kiosk standing out. You can also use changeable light to makes it unique.

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