Wooden style bubble tea kiosk shopping mall food booth

When people want to start a business, they will think of bubble tea first. Do you know why? It may be young people like to drink bubble tea and do not need a lot of investment. You can establish your own bubble tea brand and open the market. Here we can guide you on how to start and some idea of the bubble tea kiosk design.



This bubble tea kiosk size is about 3 x 3 m. Let us see the layout and let me introduce it. The front has a glass display fridge that can store the fruit or display the food.

On the right side is a bar area that has 3 bar chairs. This bar area can for the customer to sit and have food. The back side of the bubble tea kiosk is for the staff to prepare the food and has a refrigerator.

If you want to put the fridge under the countertop, please send us the size in advance then we can leave the space for you.



For the food kiosk, we usually use plywood with laminate. Because you make beverage need to touch water, we better to use waterproof and fireproof material. This bubble tea kiosk will use plywood with laminate.

We will make a construction drawing for you that includes all the details. The construction drawing will show the size, the material and the electric plan.

Before we start the production, need to check and confirm the drawings carefully to avoid any mistake.



Prepare material – After confirming the final drawings, we will start to prepare the material. Need to confirm the color of the laminate.

The wooden body takes shape – We will assemble the wood in a whole set.

Assemble work – Final step is to install the electricity, logo, accessories, and lights etc.

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