Bubble tea is a very popular drink among girls. With the increase in sales, more and more bubble tea shops or bubble tea kiosks appear in our field of vision. No matter where they are, they are always very popular. In a relatively prosperous village in our town, there were about 10 more bubble tea shops in one year, and each of them had very good sales. It can be said that bubble tea is now one of the most popular drinks in the world.

The mall is also the best shopping place for people, there is a lot of kiosks inside. Among them is a bubble tea kiosk. My main goal today is also to introduce you to a very beautiful mall bubble tea kiosk.

Bubble Tea Kiosk Details

Most of the kiosk in shopping malls are square, with the front part being the cashier counter and the back part being the working table. The sides can be placed on the machine or used as an entrance. Except for the counter, it’s just decoration. The decoration of this bubble tea kiosk is the decorative dots and luminous logo on the kiosk.

Some baffle glass is installed in front of the counter, which can block our direct contact with customers a lot. In the current environment, such protective measures are very necessary.
Beyond the counter, there is a wall behind. Stickers can be put on the wall or some light box paintings and advertising players can be installed.

Size: 20x12ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Countrytop: Man-made stone

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic


Kiosk Production

We are a professional kiosk production company, and we have our own factories and designers. When we confirm and place an order, we will submit the design to the factory. Our workers will make it according to our construction drawings, so its experience is very rich and attention to detail. Our supervision will be very strict. So our kiosk is very good in appearance and quality.

After confirming the order, we need you to provide the original logo file, if there is a sticker or light box, you also need to provide the original file. So that we can make it.

After the production is completed, we will assemble all the cabinets, and then connect the wires to test the circuit. After there is no problem, we will pack。

Kiosk Assemble

As the glass is fragile, if it is directly installed on the cabinet and transported, it is likely to break. So we pack it separately, and you need to install it when you receive the goods. We will send you glass glue and tell you how to install it.
The installation of kiosk is very simple. You only need to put the separate cabinets together according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the connectors between the bottoms of adjacent cabinets. Finally, connect the main wire to the mall.



We are an export company in Shenzhen, China. In addition to the kiosk in the mall, we also make display cabinets in the store. If you have any furniture you want to customize or design, we can help you. We have a professional design team. For shopping malls, all the kiosk we use in it need to be reviewed. So we must design first. This design is made according to our business and the size we get in the mall. We will help you get an audit from the mall.


Mall kiosk design fee: 300USD, when we place an order, it wil be returned you.

Design time: 2-3 working days

Kiosk Production: About 28 working days

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