New style bubble tea kiosk fast food retail small stall in the mall

In the shopping mall, if you want to start a business. You can make a food kiosk like this. Our company is a professional to help you to make such a kiosk. So that you can use it to make food and sell your food to the customer.

This is a new style bubble tea kiosk fast food retail small stall in the mall. We can check it for reference and let us see the 3d design effect of it together.



This is a fast food kiosk to sell bubble tea, egg, coffee and some other foods. On the front side the counter has a big 3D logo. The material of this bubble tea kiosk is plywood with laminate, wooden color laminate and yellow color laminate.

On the top has a frame hang the menu and a small logo and 3 ceiling lamps. The bubble tea kiosk provide the work counter to the staff to make food. On the countertop, you can put the equipment machine and the customer can order here. It has a dining area with 2 sets of 4 people seating.


We can make a customize food kiosk design with all your requirement. Please get back to us the food you will sell and the equipment list with measurement and pictures. We will put them on the 3d design so that we can arrange the layout of them and see if your machine can fit or not.

Some customer they not need the seating area some customer they need it. We can design it according to your location size or customize as your need. Please feel free to contact us to make a customize bubble tea kiosk to start your own business!

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