A variety of drinks integrated outdoor kiosk

On the other side of the bustling city. There is an outdoor ambiance drink pavilion. Like a bright pearl, people stop. It stands quietly beside the tree-lined sidewalk. Surrounded by green grass, it was like being in a dream garden. The design of the drink kiosk is simple, retro and stylish. The warm colors complement the surroundings. The wall of the pavilion is decorated with yellow lights, which appear warm and chic in the evening. A gentle breeze brings cool bursts of joy.

kiosk details

The outdoor pavilion is like a small house. Small but complete. There is a large illuminated logo on the left side of the front. Below the ceiling hang the categories of items sold by the beverage store in all directions. On the right side of the pavilion is a swing decorated with green vegetation. Art lettering on the wall behind the swing seats. The overall coordination of the artistic atmosphere is strong, is specially designed to attract customers and network red punch point.

more details

The arrangement around the pavilion is unique. Wooden tables and chairs exude a natural atmosphere, making people feel comfortable and relaxed. Modern art characters hang on the walls, adding a literary atmosphere. Soft music wafted through the air, like a dream. The drinks kiosk has an extensive menu. From classic coffees to refreshing juices to specialty teas, everything is available. Here, people can put down the fatigue and pressure, enjoy a moment of peace and beauty. Friends get together and talk about the world. Couples sit next to each other and share romantic moments. This is not only a drink booth, but also a place to socialize and a haven for people to relax.

This design layout can attract many young people. Unique design combined with your superior beverage seasoning skills. It’s gonna make your business explode. So why wait? Contact us soon, we have 20 years of professional experience. We will be able to design and produce the products you are most satisfied with in the shortest time.

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