10 x 12 ft bubble tea kiosk customize food stall 3D design service

The main consumer groups in the beverage market are mostly women, why they like to drink milk tea is just like why girls like to eat sweets. The taste and variety of milk tea is one of the important reasons why people like milk tea. Sweets stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain, which makes people feel good.

People feel depressed, tired, irritable and irritable when their blood sugar levels are low, and they feel more cheerful and stable when their blood sugar levels are high. If you are going to start a bubble tea kiosk, you can check this 10 x 12 ft bubble tea kiosk customized food stall 3D design for reference.



The size of this bubble tea kiosk is 10 x 12 ft. The front side has a bubble tea cup model. And on this side has the cashier area, display fridge and display shelf on the right. On the back side counter has a single sink, three compartment sink. And on the countertop, you can put the equipment machine. On the left side, under the countertop, we leave a space for the customer to put the ice machine.



After the customer confirms all the details and get approval from the mall, we will start production. We will make the wooden body and then paint it. Finally, we will install a whole bubble tea kiosk in our factory. We will install the glass, countertop, lighted logo, logo and sink, etc. So actually, everything is ready to use.

When you receive the bubble tea kiosk, just need to open all the packages and put them together. For each part you can check on the floor plan of how to connect them. Then connect the main wire to your mall power supply it will work.

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