Sushi kiosk design

Introducing a simple shopping mall sushi bar kiosk, it is simple in style and very beautiful. The overall shape looks like a very long car, because two curved refrigerators are placed on the front, like the front of a car. On both sides are counters and machines. One side is a counter about 5 meters long. Its length is larger. We can also make it 3 meters or 4 meters in length. We can make an artificial stone countertop on this long counter. When we cut or prepare ingredients on this artificial stone countertop, it is easy to clean and resistant to stains. After cleaning, the surface is still clean. Make a cabinet under the counter and place our tools and raw ingredients there to avoid dust in the air.

The details

The cabinets inside can be added with shelves, and more things can be placed in multi-level locations. We can even leave a space anywhere on the long counter and put a built-in undercounter refrigerator there, which can be used to store ingredients that need to be frozen. On the other side is a cash register where customers can pay their bills. A glass refrigerator can be placed next to the cashier, so people can clearly see the products inside. The remaining space is used as a workbench. An outlet and a light box were made in the back part of this sushi kiosk.


We are custom factory, this one size of sushi kiosk is 5m*2.5m, if  you have other size, we also can help you make a new design. We have many customers from different countries, and help them to get the approval of the mall. Also can help you to ship it by sea. The production time is about 22-25 working days. The shipping time is about one months. If you are interesting in other sushi bar kiosk design, pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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