Hot Sale Sushi Cart Snacks Booth With Vivid Design Style For Outdoor Sale

This is a cart shape sushi kiosk,has a vivid syle to us.  We can see it mainly is a black color,so it is difficult to get dirty.

SUSHI become more and more wide used. One reaosn is that people’s life speed getting fast,they have no time to cook,to have breakfast,dinner. On the other hand,many people will work up too late,or have a habit to have afternoon tea. The sushi count too big among them.  Most of include bread,fried chicken,coffee,snacks,barbecue and so on.  So the food business especially fast sushi food is getting easy to run compared with other business. What’s more,food business is relative cost less money,because it don’t need much purchase cost.


Introduction Of The Black Sushi Cart

The sushi cart has two big wheels and four small wheels for you push,it is convenient for you to open stall and close stall when a rain day.    There is red round sticker on the counter body,also have a logo on the top,the logo material is 3d lighted logo,we make two trapezoid top ceiling with black and white decorate.  On your left side,we can see a transparent glass window for you put and show foods. The top is supported by four stainless steel brackets.


The Interior Layout

Let’s look at the back side,it has two doors for open the transparent glass cabinets,you can also see a sink hung on the left counter body,you can wash your hand after working.     The black style sushi cart has serveral parts,the working area,cashier register,and mabel shelve.  The material of counter is Corian,it is easy to clean and look smooth,specially,we add two different color Corian to decorate,one is black,another is wooden color.    But basic material is plywood and laminate,this two material is mainly used in food kiosk.  Of course,we can customize kiosk according to your need.

The thing you need to do is tell us your shop size,and your floor plan,our design team can help you with the new design.

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