Attractive Fast Food Booth Sushi Kiosk With a Green Style for Retail Sale

We can see fast food booth at any place,such as train station,street,and so on.  How we start to a store? First,you need to find a location or rent a shop,if you don’t have location or you don’t cost too much money to rent a place. You can have this bellow booth for your retail business. This food kiosk is very suitable for street sale and train station.  It is adapt for fast food and SuShi.

If you want to open a fast food booth,the first thing you need to do is that tell us the size of location,your design requirement and floor plan. As you know ,we mainly  customize,we make 3d design according to our custonmers’ demands. Let us see the SuShi booth together. You will reference more important details.

Description of the fast food booth

This fast food kiosk has a forest effect,which is easy to attract people’s attention. We design a three layer cabinets for putting foods,you can put different types food . For example,on the first layer,you can put some instant noodles,on the second,can put some bread,and last you can put some beverage for sale. So you can meet various demands of customer. On the top,it has a big screen for product vedio show,it is also a attractive place. In order to look bright at night,we design spot light along the interior counter.  fast food booth

On the left side,we use luminous character and digital screen to decorate. There is logo like leaf shape on top ceiling, it looks a bit novel and forest effect.On the right side,there is the same accessories to show.

fast food booth

As for the material,the basic material of counter body is plywood,and finish is laminate,other accessories include 3d acrylic light logo,spot light,led digital screen and other poster stickers for showng your products and brand culture.

Other information

Our factory has professional design team and skilled workers,which can help you complete a perfect kiosk from design to manufacture. So if you have idea to open a booth,and have interest to our kiosk. Welcome to contact us.



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