Sushi Retail Counter Bar New Chinese Sushi Indoor Bar

Sushi as a new style of food, once it was launched, people are very liked it. To promote this food better, we think about many ideas to help you start a business. A kiosk is the first thing people see when buying sushi, so you need a suitable kiosk to fit your products.


To design an eye-catching kiosk, we need to learn the origins of sushi. Sushi originated from Asian counties and has very distinct Asian culture characteristics. Therefore, when designing kiosks, we used many Asian elements to decorate this kiosk.

From our design, you can see that the kiosk front counter has very obvious wood grain decoration in the form of waves. Which looks a bit like the screens used in the homes of ancient Asian monarchs and ministers.

Sushi is popular because it is simple to make and easy to carry, therefore we did not do too many decorations in this design. Just put your logo in a prominent position in the kiosk, add LED lights on each glass’s shelves, and topping.

Of course, sushi is a special food and cannot be displayed at room temperature. A refrigerated display refrigerator is must-have equipment for your kiosk. So we designed an area for you to place two display refrigerators in this kiosk. The reason why the topping design is relatively high can not only allow the refrigerators to have a fictional space to display but also the kiosk can look more high-end atmosphere.


To meet the New Chinese sushi-style, all the materials for the construction of the kiosk are solid wood and materials similar in color to solid wood. Making the whole kiosk looks simple and natural. It can also echo the green health of sushi.

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