Japanese style sushi kiosk fast food booth in the shopping mall

Sushi is the most famous food in Japan. Sushi is a staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine. It consists of cooked rice flavored with vinegar and a variety of vegetables, eggs, or raw seafood. Like many other Japanese foods, sushi tends to be low in fat, cholesterol, and calories.

Now sushi is not only in Japan but also in many other countries. Sushi food is easy to make and low budget to start a business. If you want to start a sushi business, let us check a Japanese-style sushi kiosk fast food booth in the shopping mall design together.



This sushi kiosk has a top with the design of the roof. On the top hanging the lantern and the lights. The front side of the counter displays the sushi on the countertop. It has a small cashier area for the customer to order the food on the right side of the front side counter.

For the surface design of the sushi kiosk, we add some menus and the logo. It can for both advertising and decoration. Inside the space of the counter area, you can put the equipment, water sink, and so on.



First, if you want to start a sushi kiosk, you need to find a location. Visit some shopping malls and talking with the mall manager to get a good location is important. And then the next step is to make a customized sushi kiosk. We will make a sushi kiosk design with the size and the logo customized for you.

After you check the sushi kiosk design is all good, we will quote the exact price to you. Finally, we will send the construction drawing for you to confirm all the details before we start the production.

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