Stainless Steel and Tile Meat Kiosk Store in the mall

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Meat is a very common food in the world, people eat meat every day because it provides us with energy and the elements we need. It’s a good idea to open a fast-food kiosk in the mall to sell meat. I am sure that you will have a great business if you choose a high-end kiosk and provide delicious food.

Description of meat kiosk

This meat kiosk has a roof, looks like a retail food shop. It is near the column, we can use tile to decorate it and attach posters here. The main tone of the fast-food kiosk is black and gray with solid wood, that makes your food shop stand out.

food cabinetLayout

We can see the front area has a display counter. The middle counter is in gray color with a temped glass panel to the roof, that can also support the big ceiling.

The side has counters to place water sink for wash, clients can also order meals here. Under the counter has lock cabinets. This meat kiosk has spot light and warm light to increase the brightness.

We can see the back area has stainless steel working tables and equipments. Beverage machine also set at bac side. That can make full use of space and convenient for work. We can see the back wall has menu board in a line, that guidance clients to order meals and pay cash.

This food kiosk has flooring light and wood floor. Brand name is in yellow and white color that attach to the top ceiling.

Dinting table

Dingint table is imprtorant for a food shop, because people can sit down and enjoy their meals. This kiosk has a dnging tables behind the column. Pick up window also place this side, very convenience to use.

food kiosk

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