Retail Fast Food Kiosk Hamburger Booth Stand for Sale

food boothDo you plan to open hamburger kiosk in the mall? You can also sell hot dog, french fries, and beverages. No matter what kind of food you sell, this fast food kiosk fit you well. Because it can customize based on your needs. Here is a nice fast food kiosk sharing with you.

3D design fast food kiosk

This fast food kiosk size is 3m by 2m. Includes display counter, cashier counter, work bench, storage cabinets. We can also add digital screens, advertising posters and menu board here, so that clients can view and choose food directly. Orange brings a sense of visual urgency, not only can improve the efficiency of employees, but also remind customers, and can highlight your shop.

fast food standLayout of hamburger kiosk

Front counter

The front counter mainly for reception clients and show products. We can also set cashier counter at the curved corner. It protects clients and the menu board place here for ordering. Glass display showcase also set at the countertop. Under the counter has draws and lock cabinets, refrigerators place here for better usage.

cake kiosk stand

Back counter

We can see the back side cabinet is taller than front counter. Because this area mainly for cabinet, machines, cake display shelving, and water sink. We can also attach brand logo to the wall, so that clients can see them from far distance.

Material information

We use plywood with different colors of laminate to build the kiosk. That’s the material accepted by most of malls. If your mall has material requirements, we can use the same material as you need. Tempered glass on the counter table use as sneeze guard. Stainless steel kicking to protect the kiosk that can use for a long time.

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