Sushi is a different delicacy from hot pot and other delicacies. Sushi is a fast-consuming delicacy. So the cost will not be very high. A store can operate normally with only one or two people, and it is a good choice for some small investment franchisees or novices. And there are thousands of ways to eat sushi, which can provide consumers with a variety of choices, as well as convenient dining methods and environments.

If this is your first time to do the sushi business, you can find a place in the mall. And start the business with the kiosk. Next, I will introduce the sushi kiosk to you as a reference.


The whole style of the kiosk is simple but high-end. You can see that there front side and the left side of the body has same surface. It has the the red frame on the two sides, the middle of the frame has the logo. Which can make the kiosk more high-end.

The front of the kiosk has a menu on the topcounter. And the custmer can see it clearly. Customer can order and pick up the food at the front of the counter.

The left side of the kiosk has a sink and the dusbin. It make the whole kiosk more cleanliness and hygiene.




The right side has a door, which you can enter into the kiosk. The door is also a small cabinet, there is a wheels under the cabinet. Then you can store the goods. Near by the door, there has a small stand which has a logo.

Bottom of the kiosk has the light strip to make the kiosk  more bright. The edge of the countertop has the galss, it is safe function.


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If you want to get a new one, no worries, we have a professional design team and can customize a new one according to your requriements.

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