Japan Style Sushi Kiosk Food Stand With Funny Design For Retail Sale

If you go to Japan, you must have to eat seafood. Japan is an iland country, is famous for seafood.  If you want to open a seafood shop or sushi shop. It is a good idea for you to open a japan style sushi shop. One benefit is that you can improve your brand image in that way.

The beautiful layout and appearance of this sushi kiosk

First, from the picture, we can see a white and black stone counter body. There are three locations for logo placement, it makes a big and good advertise effect. Customers can notice your specialty shop easily. If they are fascinated with Japanese food, your business is sure to be good.  We design mesh black stainless steel and dinnerware to decorate the logo. What’s more,  it has letters and Chinese characters on it.

food kiosk

Second,  there is some showcase on the countertop. You can put some sushi having been done in it. So as to you are too busy to make it on spot. And each cabinet has a white led strip light. The basic material is high-grade plywood and laminate, you can also see the round light on the top kiosk

Some funny pictures are on the wall counter, it makes a fine decoration effect. Finally, we can make any kiosk according to you requirements.


Our company is a professional retail kiosk manufacturer in china. We modeled each counter individually, and then render the effect of different angles. So you coulde see the three-dimensional effects. Last but not least, if you intend to open a retail kiosk in Mall, our design can help you get the place in the mall smoothly. If you need a shop interior design, you need pay 300$ design fee. The design includes all counter layout, color, materials and lights, which is a three-dimensional effect of the whole store.

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