Most Popular Cake Kiosk With Unique Design For sale

Everyone likes cake, i am no exception. I will introduce a beautiful food kiosk to you. Let us look at a cake kiosk together. It is the most popular cake showcase this year.

Usage of this beautiful cake kiosk

First, this cake kiosk is not just a show cake, it can also be used to display waffles, and cookies, and also can sell beverages. If you have an empty space area and intend to redesign it, this one is not only suitable furniture for your shop but can also suit an outdoor place for a cake sale.

cake kiosk

Description of this cake kiosk

This kiosk has one wall display cabinet for putting cake, the cabinet has a four-layer shelf. It is material is solid wood. And we insert a led light strip in it. On the wall cabinet left, we can see a beverage machine on the counter.

cake kiosk

Exterior design layout

The material is MDF with baking paint.  On the front side, the counter is wood grain color and we can see a glass food cabinet. Two lighted posters on it. On the top ceiling, lighted letter logo around the top. On the right wall counter, we add some poster stickers, which create a good promotion effect. From the below photo, we can notice the three obvious painting light boxes on the arc shape counter.  Painting light boxes have a better product vision effect. It can better attract people’s appetite.

cake kioskOther accessories: all kiosks has equipped with hardware, socket, and a sink. drawer, key, and lock.

You can sent us a inquiry if you are interested in this cake kiosk,or food kiosk. Because we can design kiosks based on your needs.  In addition, If you sell other food, you also can use this type of kiosk. We mainly custom make, you just need tell us your requirements.

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