Fashion Food Kiosk Large Space Stand With Interior Design For Sale

Everyone can see kinds of food kiosks. They have different styles, sizes, and occasions. We need to choose a good environment to eat in. Or we can choose a high popular to eat in.  All in all, the food shop’s furniture and food kiosk-style get change as our needs and taste.  If you have rented a big place, you can see this type of kiosk, which has a vas space.

The introduction of this food kiosk

This is a beautiful and fashionable food kiosk.  It can be used in big shops and has large space. People will feel comfortable if they have dining here.  Importantly, it is divided into several areas. What’s more, the ceiling is round with led lights. food kioskThe working area: We can see the working machines on the countertop, and some food on it. You can sell it to customers directly. Some paper cups on it to put juice on.

The cashier area: The clerk can stand here to charge money. It lies in the coming door side. The food kiosk has one door for getting in or out.

The dining area: There are two dining tables and chairs. Both are made of wood and look original style. Each table is equipped with a plate, napkin, goblet, knife, and fork. The client sits here for dining and has a high-grade sense of feeling.

The countertop area: There is some wine on it, but you can also put other food or beverage to sell.  In front of the cashier area, we can see the menu on the upside counter. food kioskThe material we used is high-grade plywood and the finish is laminate.  As for the countertop, we use man-made stone.  This common material is so nice to make a food kiosk.   It can make the kiosk looks more smooth and not easy to get out of shape. Finally, every single counter has a storage cabinet for you to store inventory.



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