Colorful and Funny Food Booth Cake Counter for a Trade Show in a mall

For many brands, they need trade shows, such as car shows, and promotion shows. All kinds of offline activities need showcase and booth. And the size is different. The purpose of the show is that they can improve their image and advertise their new product. Because every time a brand new item comes up, people don’t know that. do not know the function, the material, the price…so it is necessary for a trader to hold a trade show. The following photo is a food show, it includes three-part of a single counter. Let us have a look at its design.

food booth

In the round, we design a different color fence to decorate. On the left counter, we can see is a round shape with a stable wheel. There is a cute ripple figure decorations. And have a letter logo on it. Then, we can see the product picture on the counter, which is very vivid. Looks very delicious. On the right side, we can see a cart, that has a figure counter and wheel and a top ceiling.

food booth

Detail of the food booth

All counter of the booth is made of MDF with baking paint. it is so strong and durable. Our products have high quality. Why do I say that?   First, we have a professional 3d design team, all kiosks we can custom make to your requirements. Second, we are specializing in retail counter for more than 10 years. We have cooperated with many brands, such as OLAY, DHC, ADIDAS… We have a good reputation all over the world. Finally, we have a safe and unique production process and attractive price. Because we are a direct factory, we can give you a favorable price and a high-quality kiosk.


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