Beautiful Food Kiosk Candied Haws Booth With Unique Design Style

Do you want to open a candied haws shop in the most appropriate place in the mall? Or are you looking for the best choice of the kiosk for you?   Our company is a professional retail counter manufacturer in china.  Whether you can favorite kiosk or not, we can help you with the new design.   The bellow, is a unique design kiosk, with a colorful and attractive appearance.   You can make a reference.

The whole layout of the food kiosk

First, we can see many funny pattern decorations, small cartoon figures, and all kinds of shape patterns.  The food kiosk has three layers for you to put food. Second, We can see many acrylic boxes, with all kinds of food in them. On the countertop, there is some stored glass jar with lip and candied haws on it. On the left side, there are some other bottles for store items. Finally, We can also see the cashier register on the right side. On the top ceiling, you can see a character brand display, and some continuous semicircle decoration, which looks very beautiful.

candy kiosk

Production photo of the food kiosk

From the production picture, let us have a learn about its material, the counter body is made of white plywood.  And the countertop is an orange finish. Then, we insert the led strip light along the counter. What’s more, we manufacture from every single counter to the whole kiosk strictly, we ensure the quality of every counter we made. We provide unique modern 3D rendering designs and detailed CAD drawings for mall approval.  Last but not least, all of our display kiosks we design exactly follow the mall criteria and vendor requirements.

food kiosk

About our company

We are a direct factory with more than 10 years experience.

24 hours professional service after-sale service.

We have a safe and unique production process and attractive prices and strict quality control.

Professional design team with many years of experience.

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