White Stone and Wood Waffle Kiosk & Crepe Booth in Mall

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Are you looking for a waffle kiosk used in the shopping mall? Waffle kiosks are good for sale waffles, crepes, cakes, nuts, bread, and coffee. No matter what kind of food you sell, just leave space for the necessary machine, and it can work well. Today, I want to share a luxury waffle kiosk with you.

White waffle kiosk design

As we can see in the design, this waffle kiosk has a service counter, dining table, reception counter, looks like a small restaurant in the mall. The waffle kiosk size is about 4m by 2m with a metal frame on top. Let’s learn more details together.

fast food mainService reception counter

The service counter is mainly used to prepare dishes and food, clients can also order meals here. It has a glass showcase, a brand logo, a menu on the front sde. Cashier counter set on the left hand. The back counter has an entrance and topping plate. While the bottom has cabinets to restore more items.

The main material is plywood with white wood laminate and a quartz stone countertop. Stainless steel kicking with white light lamp.

retail food kioskDining table and chairs

There are 6 dining tables with chairs in front of the service counter. Clients can sit down and enjoy their meals with friends.

There are green plants set in the lease line, which is separate from your waffle shop and makes people feel relaxed. It can also decorate your food kiosk in a good way.

Rest area

Their area has a sofa with a side table, it can use as a rest area, clients can sit down and rest awhile. Each part has a street lamp, which decorates the waffle shop and also highlights your booth. There is a white reception desk in the middle, welcoming and receiving customers.

coffee kiosk

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