Best price waffle kiosk ice cream juice bar customize mall food kiosk

People who want to start a food business can have many kinds of choices. Waffle is one of the most popular foods of us. It is a bakery food and easy to make and hot sale. We can make a waffle kiosk for you to start the business in the shopping mall.

For how to start a waffle kiosk business, we can give you some suggestions. Now let us see a best price waffle kiosk ice cream juice bar customize mall food kiosk design.



The size of this waffle kiosk is about 3x2m. We can make the waffle kiosk in any size you want. The layout of the waffle kiosk has the area for the cashier counter, juice machine, ice cream machine, waffle machine and so on.

For a food kiosk, please send us the equipment list to us in advance. When we make the 3d design of the waffle kiosk, we can put the equipment in the 3d design for us to see how to fit them.

The equipment list is better to include the pictures and their size of them.



The basic material of the waffle kiosk will use plywood. And the surface finish is laminate and solid wood. The countertop material is man-made stone. For the glass on the countertop, we will use 8mm tempered glass. We will install the sockets for the machines.



We will install a whole waffle kiosk in our factory. And then we will pack it divided into a few parts. When you receive the waffle kiosk, need to open them and put them together.

Then please connect the male and female connectors together to the power supply then it will work.

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