Simple design waffle kiosk customized retail food stall

Waffles are pastries of Belgian origin and are made with special equipment. It is a popular and delicious breakfast. Waffles are easy to make and delicious. They can be eaten as a breakfast or snack. Sometimes add or change ingredients can change to another taste. 

We have many food kiosk designs for the food industry. Now let me introduce the details of this waffle kiosk design to you. If you want to make a waffle kiosk, you can check it for your reference.



This waffle kiosk is a simple design with a low budget. About the size of the waffle kiosk, we can make it according to your need or customized size. This waffle kiosk size is about 3x3m.

On the countertop of the waffle kiosk can put the toppings to prepare the food. And some equipment machines like the waffle machine, water sink, cash register and so on.

It has a glass sneeze guard around the waffle kiosk. The material is 8mm tempered glass. And the kiosk has a bar area for the customer to sit and have food.


No matter what kind of food business you want to do, we can make the kiosk fit for you. After you get a location, please just let us know the size. If the shopping mall has any requirements for the waffle kiosk, also can send them to us.

We will make a new 3d model for the waffle kiosk for you. Before we make the design, you can send us your logo, the equipment list or the layout. Because when we design the waffle kiosk, we need to consider the space for the equipment.



The package of the waffle kiosk is foam inside and a wooden box outside. And the shipping we will ship it by sea to the port then you pick it up. Any problem can feel free to ask us for help!

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