Solid Wood Stroopwafels Kiosk Mall Biscuit Cabinet for Sale

Biscuit kiosk

Stroopwafels is one of the popular snacks, it’s a good idea to open a stroopwafels kiosk to earn money. It’s easy to make waffles and can not only drive away hunger but also use as a snack. And it has a unique taste, is easy to carry, and is regarded as convenience food. Here is a nice wood stroopwafels kiosk sharing with you.

Introduction of biscuit kiosk

This stroopwafels kiosk can also use as a waffle kiosk, biscuit kiosk, and crepe kiosk. Just set the equipment to the kiosk and start a business. This waffle kiosk size is 4m by 2m, large size in the mall for business. The main color is solid wood color finishing with the purple brand sign, which looks high-end and luxury the kiosk. And can match the products well.

Biscuit showcase

Front view

We can see in the design, this biscuit kiosk front has a lower display counter with the acrylic panel to hold stroopwafels, clients can taste directly and even buy directly. The middle has a large brand name to show people. Behind the counter is a workbench to place machines. The POS system is set in the corner, which is convenient for customers to check bills.

waffle kioskBack view

The back counter has tempered glass on the countertop, which allows poeple to see prepare procedure. Clients can also stay away from the equipment, which won’t affect working. Under the counter are lock cabinets with inside shelving. You can restore food here. The water sink is also set here for washing hands and keeping the countertop clean.

You can also add new ideas to make the waffle kiosk unique and attractive.

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