Customize food stall pizza kiosk shopping mall retail booth

Pizza is a great choice for a potluck meal. It is a pleasant treat to get together with family, friends and colleagues and eat delicious pizza while watching movies, playing games, chatting, etc. If you want to start a pizza business, you can make a pizza kiosk in the shopping mall.

This is a customize food stall pizza kiosk shopping mall retail booth design. You can check this design for reference if you want to start a pizza business or a food business.



This is a pizza kiosk with a small size of 3 x 2 m and enough for 1 or 2 staff to work inside. On the front side is a small cashier area where the customer can order their food from here. And the glass display showcase can display the foods for the customer to see and choose their favorite. The back side of the pizza kiosk has a food bar area with some bar chairs. So that the customer can go to the back to sit down and have food.

Under the stainless steel toe kick has the warm white led strip light to let a whole pizza kiosk look attractive. On the surface finish of this food kiosk is wooden color laminate, tiles decoration and 3D lighted logo. Next to the food kiosk has a dining area for the customer also.


We can make a customized food kiosk for you whatever food you will sell. You can send us if you have the equipment list so that we can make them on the 3d and arrange the space for them. A customized 3d design service will charge a 300USD design deposit. Our design team will send the food kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days then you can check it.

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