Retro Waffle Kiosk Hollow-Out Crepe Food Booth for Sale

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Crepe and waffle kiosk is very popular in the shopping center. It’s a good idea to choose a luxury and retro waffle kiosk to start a business. The attractive waffle kiosk high level your shop and appeal to more clients. Here is a nice retro waffle kiosk with you.

Retro waffle kiosk design

This retro waffle kiosk size is 4m by 2m, it includes a display counter, kitchen counter, wall shelves, brand sign, and lighting. It mainly use brown tile to decorate the counter. The ceiling is a golden metal hollow pattern. It looks attractive and makes your shop stand out.

Waffle kiosk display counter

This waffle kiosk display counter mainly use to serve clients and help them order meals. POS system and topping bar counter set here for purchasing. The front counter has a return, the back wall has a menu board for clients to check prices. On the surface of counter has hexagonal tiles decoration. That is integrated with the design of the shop, leaving you with a high-end and deep impression

coffee crepe

cake kioskWork table with wall shelves

Behind the wall has a long work table with equipment for convenient usage. The shelves on the wall to place more items for sale. We can also add ceiling lighting for a brilliant effect. Under the counter has a locked cabinet for storage.

Brand sign & advertising

The brand sign and advertising are very important for a retail food kiosk. It is a good way to show your company culture, brand image. Good service, delicious taste, and beautiful waffle shop make you successful.

Brand sign can attach to the top ceiling, on the counter body and even attach to the back wall. While advertising includes stickers, light box painting, TV player, bladers, etc. Please choose a suitable ads for your food shop.

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