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Nail salons play a big role in our daily lives. Girls like to make appointments with friends to do nail art, it can help us express our personality and enhance our self-confidence. As for a nail shop owner, we should not only pay attention to the decoration but also the useful nail tables. As it is the place that clients enjoy nail services.

For large nail salons, the nail tables are usually arranged in a row. Therefore, the customer can be left next to the friend. This way they can talk to friends while manicuring. They can even make new friends after all the nail service usually lasts about 1 hour. Today, I want to share a white and modern nail table with you.

Nail table introduction

Usually, for a nail salon shop, we can see nail tables, pedicure chairs, reception counter, brand logo wall, posters, and price lists. And it’s better to show all the items in the drawing, so we can arrange furniture properly.


Size: 1000*430*800mm

Sets: 3 sets (Total 3000*430*800mm)

Color: White

Material: Plywood with laminate or marble stone

Function: Provide nail art service, restore items

Style: Modern style

Front side (For customers)

Consumers sit down on the front side, so we have to make it comfortable. We can see in the picture, there are chairs for people to sit in and a large space under the nail table for legs. If you want a good-looking nail table, we recommend using stone as surface decoration. We can also set up couches here for customers to use.

Backside (for manicurists)

The backside is a working space for manicurists, so it must be convenient to use. We make small drawers under the table, employees can put nail tools and nail polish there. It also comes with extract fans on the table when in need.

nail desk

How to get the nail table?

A good-looking nail kiosk high light the shop and attracts people’s eyes. However, we should not only focus on the design, quality also very important. Since it can be used for a long time and looks like a new nail kiosk.

First, rent a nail shop and decide where to place nail tables

We should find a good location to start a business. Then measure the shop size and make a floor plan. It helps us to make full use of the space.

Second, make a kiosk design based on the floor plan

We can arrange a nail kiosk, reception counter, brand imagine wall in a good place. If you know nothing about decoration, please find a professional designer, they will give us good suggestions and make the 3D design to show everything part.

Third, make construction drawing for production

The 3D design need about 3-5 working days. We can confirm it as the final design since you like it. Then we can confirm the order and make a construction drawing for production.

Fourth, produce the nail kiosk step by step

Workers first make wood kiosk body according to the drawing. Then, they will make the surface to the color confirmed. Thirdly, assembly the drawers and get the final products. Since we choose a different material to build, the craft and production time are different. It usually takes 10-15 days to complete it.

Finally, package well and delivery to customers

When we approval the progress and think it’s ready to ship, we can check shipping freight and arrange shipping details. Before shipping, we can use bubble foam to pack the nail kiosk and the outside is a wood box for good protection.

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