Elegant style nail bar kiosk customize service booth for beauty salon

Most women like a good mani and pedi to relax after a long day or week. On weekends, we can many people go to the shopping mall to make beautiful nails. You can enjoy and better to go there with your friend so that you can talk while you make nails. If you also want to start a beauty nail business in the shopping mall, you can make a nail bar kiosk for a start.

In this article we will introduce an elegant style nail bar kiosk customize service booth for beauty salon to you. Let us see the details together.



The size of this elegant style nail bar kiosk is 5.5 x 2.1m and we shipped it to the UK. A whole beauty nail kiosk has a total of 10 service stations. The customer sits on the outside of the nail kiosk and the nail technician will sit inside to make beautiful nails. On the top has the metal tube with led strip lights. Under the countertop has the led strip lights also.

This nail bar kiosk has the lighted box for the posters and price list. And has the lighted logo and a small display area. You can display some small products such as nail polish or hand cream.



The material of this elegant beauty nail bar is MDF with baking paint. ( Purple color baking paint and white color baking paint ). And the countertop is black color quartz stone which is hard-wearing and waterproof.

The top light is a metal tube with led strip lights inside. Inside space, for the drawer and cabinet, we will install the same lock with key for all of them. So that you can lock it when you work off at the night.

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