Classical Nail Bar Kiosk for Manicure Service Sale

Nowadays, many women will let their nails look beautiful and attractive. So various salon service becomes more and more popular. We have seen many kinds of salon kiosks but seldom see this style of nail bar kiosk. It is a unique style kiosk and can leave a different feeling.

The design style of this nail kiosk

The special place lies in the mirror shape, which is a classical shape as if you come from a classical world. The nail kiosk has five nail-making areas. It is the working area we designed. In the interior, we can see the rest sofa and chairs for pedicure service. What’s more, we can see the water sink and wash counter to wash hands. Specially, we can see a white counter said “polished”, which is the cashier counter.

nail kiosk

On the back side counter, the counter has stickers, it is so beautiful. You can add your logo, we can see the luminous painting light box logo and the big poster, which has a big attractive effect. In addition, the back of the kiosk has a single seating booth for customers to sit. What’s more, we can see the nail polish display showcase and poster light box on it. At the same time, we can see the floor has also decoration and the skirting area is stainless steel.

nail kiosk

The process of order and production

If you are interested in our customized kiosk, welcome to send us more information and your requirements. If we confirm the design, we will start to manufacture. We will arrange shipment after you pay the whole money.

We prepare the materials first, and then make the wooden counter according to the instruction drawing.  Then we start to laminate the fire-proof board. Third, we will install accessories, a light strip, and sockets. Finally, we install the whole kiosk for you to look at the whole effect.

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