USA mall service booth nail bar kiosk nail polish display cabinet

The girls always want to do manicures when they are free on holiday. If you know how to make the beauty nail, you can start a nail service business in the shopping mall or open a beauty nail store. Usually, people who want to start such a business need to prepare something.

On our company website, you can find out some ideas on how to make a beauty nail kiosk. Meanwhile, you can get some suggestions for the business idea. Below is a USA mall service booth nail bar kiosk nail polish display cabinet design shared with you. Hope this can help you to get some ideas.



This is a nail kiosk used in the shopping mall to offer beauty nail service and display nail polish products. It has a small cashier table in the middle of the front. On the right side of the cashier table is a nail bar table. This nail bar table can for you offer beauty nail service. Meanwhile, the customer can sit here to try on the nail polish.

On the left side of the cashier desk is a display stand for nail polish products. The back wall has wall display cabinet for nail polish products. The wall display cabinet has the logo on the top and they are wooden display shelves with an led strip light on each shelf.



What we can do for you is to make a customized nail kiosk design to fit your business. Our design team will make a new nail bar kiosk 3d model with the size and the logo you want. To make them on the 3d for you to see the effect of the beauty nail bar kiosk.

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