Mini beauty nail bar kiosk pedicure station for the shopping mall

Many girls really love to make manicures. When they are on the holiday can go to the shopping mall or nail shop to do it. This is a service business with a low cost and high profit. If you have an idea to start such a business for manicure or pedicure, you can make a nail bar kiosk to do it.

Our website has many mall service kiosk designs for reference. You can check and get some ideas from here. Now below we share with you a mini beauty nail bar kiosk pedicure station for the shopping mall.



This is a small size beauty nail bar kiosk to use in the shopping mall to start the manicure and pedicure service business.

The layout includes a cashier counter, manicure area, pedicure area and the product display area. It is a small cashier table for the cashier area, on the front has the logo. Here can for one staff to work, but in fact, not need too big size cashier counter.

In the middle is a nail table for 3 people. And two small areas for the pedicure. The outside has the display cabinet for the nail polish. A small bar counter for the waiting area.



The layout of this nail bar kiosk I think is perfect and useful. But because every customer has their own requirement, so about the layout of the nail kiosk, we can discuss and make it with your requirement.

Our design team can make a new 3d model for the nail bar kiosk and make it as your need. A different customer has their own requirement so that is why we need to make a customized 3d design first.


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